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I am a jewelry designer, goldsmith and lapidary artist.  I love everything about the gems’ journey, as I say “from the mine to mine!”  I even enjoy the actual mining experience of pulling a piece of rough from the earth!  My love for colored gemstones is evident in my creations and has me constantly sourcing extraordinary rough and cut gemstones from around the world.  I am fortunate enough to work with the industry’s most talented and award-winning lapidaries, but on occasion and when time allows, I enjoy cutting the gemstones myself.


I feel fortunate to be sought after from all over the world to design and create custom creations and bridal pieces for both men and women.  I have also become well known for giving “New Life to Unwanted Treasures” that sit in a box and doesn’t get worn for a variety of reasons.  I literally receive bags of such treasures to recycle and create new heirlooms in more current styles, often adding a new center gemstone!


I am proud to have been voted “Best Jeweler” in my city for the last four years in a row and to have been featured many times in Lapidary Journal (with another feature coming out soon showcasing a cutter collaboration with a tsavorite garnet men’s ring!).  A February, 2020 feature by In Color magazine, a publication of the International Colored Gems Association as well as “Artist of the Week” on the Komo News “Seattle Refined” segment are two of the many industry validations that have been given to me.  I am an A.G.T.A. member and my Mint Aquamarine pendant received “Editor’s Choice” at the Spectrum Awards in 2019 by the prestigious PR firm David Perry & Associates.  I was recently selected to be one of the “100 Women In Jewelry”, featuring interviews and works by the top 100 women jewelers around the world in two coffee table books (coming out in 2021) and in a series of museum exhibitions (beginning November, 2022 at Sotheby’s NY).


I felt great pride to be honored as one of twelve lapidary artists to cut for the prestigious “Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection”  for 2020 and my “Pinky Princess”, 20.20 carat sapphire that I cut will be housed in the new University of Arizona Gem & Mineral Museum opening in the fall of 2022.  I have also been commissioned by the S.I.T.R. Collection to create a pendant with one of the Collection’s gemstones.


I have known and worked with Ales for the past four years and have collaborated on some of the featured projects.  We have developed a wonderful friendship and working relationship, so being a part of this incredible creative opportunity truly is exciting!  To work with these extraordinary gems from around the world ignites my creativity and I look forward to the new client experiences, creating masterpieces reflecting their respective personal styles.


I encourage you to visit my “Robin Callahan Designs” Facebook page to read some of the reviews and comments.  You can also see my varied one-of-a-kind creations on my “RobinCallahanDesigns” Instagram page.


My inspiration always starts with the Gemstones. Designing for it to shine its brightest. Designing so you can see and enjoy the world class cut and it’s multiple angles, the way light reflects and shows off its bi colors, various shades and vibrancy.

If you peruse my works you’ll see this common design style in most pieces. I’m designing and creating to let as much light in as possible and not burying it in metal. Even when using lots of accents you’ll see design details to let light in.

Each Gemstone, each design, each creation as special as its wearer.

My clients often say they love how every angle has something special to see, but no angle over powers the star of the show- your gorgeous Gemstone.



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